An Internet of Smart, Trustful, Important Things

We belive in an Internet of Smart, Trustful, Important Things. Smartphones and Wi-Fi toys are very nice and very useful, but devices have been interacting with each other for much longer. Fieldbuses, Machine-to-Machine, Distributed Embedded Systems and many other well-established technologies, when incorporated in the IoT, will bring about zillions of far more Important Things, such as vehicles, buildings, healthcare equipment, factories, warfare machinery, and eventually the whole planet.

A key element in our IoT Architecture is that IoT domains preserve temporal determinism for control purposes and are connected to the Cloud through Fog gateways, which act as barriers between IoT domains and the Internet, not only in the sense of a security firewall, but also as a design barrier that allows for trustfulness and efficiency exploration.

Smart Things

Making use of IoT Data

Smart Things can rely on Data Mining and Machine Learning applied to very same data they produce while operating in order to become more efficient.

Important Things

IoT for Control and Automation, with Machine Learning Capabilities.

Important Things require temporal determinism while communicating with each other and with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems.

Trustful Things

Geo-referenced, Timed, Signed, and Encrypted IoT Data

Trustful Things produce reliable, useful data.